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We are a pioneer in temporary noise reduction with unparalleled noise control knowledge. We use this knowledge and experience to define innovative and scientific industrial tarps design and technical support methods. We take our responsibility seriously and incorporate sustainability into our supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Industrial tarps are just a product made of soundproofing materials that can be hung vertically along walls or other structure close to machines, or as panels arranged around special noisy objects. Since we know that mass is a key factor in absorbing sound, our industrial tarpaulins consist of one or more layers of dense material. The layers are usually made of a mass-loaded vinyl, fiberglass fabric, sound absorption wool and PVC.

Industrial tarps have many names, such as green canvas tarps, decorative outdoor tarps, fireproof canvas tarp, sound screen, sound shielding, noise drapes, etc. No matter what you call them, they can be divided into two categories. The first is lighter and the other is heavier industrial tarps.

Industrial Tarps

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In an industrial environment visually appealing is not so important.

The PVC coated tarpaulin eventually looks more like a quilt or blanket. One of its advantages is that it can be made with better and heavier materials to achieve maximum noise absorption performance.

Mass loaded vinyl and PVC coated fabrics are used in our industrial tarps. They can form an effective screen, which can then be placed around a large number of devices, or in the entire area within the building.

One example is the urban construction site, where many people may live nearby and suffer from the noise of cranes, backhoe and trucks. With acoustic green canvas tarpaulin around, you can greatly reduce the noise to nearby residents. Industrial sound curtains can also be used in manufacturing plants.

Installation of noise barrier panels around large equipment such as pumps, generators, compressors, and vacuum cleaners will make the work environment more tolerant for workers.

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