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Noise Barrier Curtains Temporary Construction Noise Barriers

Categorized by noise reduction performance, we mainly have two different noise barrier curtains: standard version and economical version. The standard version has an additional mass loaded vinyl layer which largely increase its acoustic performance. Categorized by places of use, there are also two different kinds of noise control barrier: industrial use and home use. Industrial noise barrier use fiberglass cloth at the back for better flame resistance, while home use noise barrier uses lint fabric for better touch experience.

Different requirements from different projects can only be satisfied by noise barrier manufacturers. Our factory can customize noise barrier tarp. You can choose size, thickness, color, acoustic rating, to customize. OEM/ODM service can make you a local noise barrier tarpaulin supplier.

Noise Barrier

Our noise barrier products cover the most widely available industrial quality temporary noise control solutions available today, including a variety of noise barriers, curtains, quilts, barriers, enclosures and attenuators. The following are guidelines for products that apply to a variety of different applications.

Typical Noise Source

Audio Equipment, Chopper, Compressor, Drill, Excavator and pecker, General Plant Generator, Impact Pile Driver, Handheld Circuit Breaker, Metal Cut Saw, Pressure Cleaner, Pump, Road Saw

Here below is a picture of traditional noise barrier which is good but not flextible and can’t be moved very easily. Our noise barrier can form a system similar to it but portable.

Noise Barrier Curtains Temporary Construction Noise Barriers

Order Your Temporary Noise Barrier

Noise barriers are customizable to meet your exact and unique requirements. Once the engineering solution has been identified, the temporary construction noise barriers can be quickly crafted.  However, since most customers are overseas, we suggest you order in advance as the shipping takes a long time.

Noise Barrier Installation Accessories

The temporary noise barrier can be hung on wood fence, ceiling, iron fence barrier or anything solid with hooks fast and easily.

Noise Barrier Installation