How to Block Traffic Noise In Backyard Soundproofing Traffic Noise Traffic Barrier

How to Block Traffic Noise In Backyard ? Soundproofing Traffic Noise Traffic Barrier

Can traffic barrier really stop intrusive sounds? Is it market hype, or is it true? How to reduce traffic noise and the “music” of the neighbors? The answer is yes and no. Intrusive noise is very challenging, especially when you are a shift worker and need to sleep while the rest of the world raises a racket. No matter what situation you encounter, let us discuss your options and give you the right to silence.

How to reduce traffic noise in house or reducing traffic noise in garden? Traffic Noise Solutions.

We will study the claims inferred from soundproof traffic barrier. We will weigh investment, pros and cons, methods and technologies, and then arm you with simple methods to determine whether the products you buy are all it claims.

How to block traffic noise? How to block traffic noise in backyard?

The only way to really make a window soundproof is to remove it, cover it with soundproofing material, or place the curtain on the curtain (and continue to place it) until the 100% noise reduction target is reached. But who wants it?

What else can you do? Ultimately, there are a variety of acoustic characteristics that determine how sound enters and behaves in a space. If the noise problem is very serious, you may need to check the quality of the walls, the nature of the indoor furniture, and even consider installing double-glazed windows. These will affect your sound insulation. Unfortunately, these measures are also very expensive, often ridiculous and impractical, and too frequent, absolutely impossible.

How to Reduce Traffic Noise In Backyard How to Block Traffic Noise Solutions In Garden

Why invest in acoustic traffic barrier for soundproofing traffic noise? How to reduce traffic noise in backyard?

When we talk about acoustic traffic barrier, we are talking about curtains that affect sound behavior. It wasn’t until the sound entered the room that these curtains began to produce magic. It is important to remember this, because it will not only affect the chosen solution, but also make our expectations a more realistic space.

With this in mind, we need to keep expectations realistic. There are many factors influencing the way audio waves behave in your room. With this in mind, we subjectively estimate that it is realistic to reduce the volume by 60% in most cases. But what if only 40%? If so, it means:

As you walk through the property window (60dBA), the speaker sounds like the buzzing of a running computer (40dBA).
A diesel truck (85dBA) passing 10 meters from your window sounds like light traffic (50dBA), and that police car is on an emergency mission (“Why do they always walk along my street?”) Not like a heartbreaking siren (115dBA), but more like the sound of a shower (70dBA).

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