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Noise Cancelling Barriers

Our noise cancelling barriers can block outside noise from entering your room, and solve the noise problem at the minimum cost. Our noise cancelling barrier is hung on your existing door or wall frame to form an additional barrier to stop noise between rooms in your home. Our noise cancelling canvas is hung on rails, allowing you to easily open and close.

In order to block the sound, all of our traffic noise cancellation barriers are made using a dense, sound-blocking core, although much smaller and larger curtains may vary. Our backyard noise cancellation barriers look just as stylish as a regular curtain with added sound and light blocking capabilities.

The tech side of things of noise cancelling barriers:

It’s been shown that flexible materials increase the Transmission Loss of blocking materials, since the sound will not travel through the material as easily. The noise cancelling outdoor barrier was designed to allow flexible movement to minimize this reverberation.

Our design is based on acoustic engineering fundamentals, which allow us to reduce external noise, absorb internal noise to reduce reverberation, and still enable you to retract the curtain when it is not needed.
Noise Cancelling Outdoor Traffic Noise Cancellation Barrier Sound Cancelling Canvas

Acoustics Basics for noise cancelling barriers

Frequency is the description of sound. The frequency of sound is the number of cycles of sound waves in one second. The unit of frequency measurement is Hertz (Hz). The frequency of the sound increases as the number of cycles per second increases.

The shorter the time period, the higher the frequency, and vice versa, the top waveform has the lowest frequency and the bottom waveform has the highest frequency. Lower frequencies are more difficult to contain or prevent than higher frequencies. Normally healthy people will interpret vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second as sound. The sharp sound may be a piccolo or the singing of a bird. Low-key sounds can make thunder from far away, and bass guitars can also make sounds.

Finally, our outdoor noise cancelling system has excellent weather resistance and aesthetic properties. After a comprehensive on-site evaluation, all obstacles are individually designed and constructed in the our manufacturing plant to meet all the requirements of a specific application. As a result, customers who choose noise cancelling barriers will receive innovative customized noise control solutions with outstanding performance, proven durability and obvious environmental benefits.