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Portable Noise Wall

The portable noise wall we designed is specially designed and manufactured. It has an environmentally friendly and durable composite structure that can absorb sound energy and block annoying noise. We have proven expertise to provide practical, cost-effective and durable solutions.

We can provide standard and custom-designed portable barrier noise wall to control noise in any environment. We can help you calculate the height and design of the noise wall project.

Application of Portable Noise Walls

Noise of outdoor air-cooled screw chiller
Cooling Tower
Substation and transformer
Portable generator noise reduction, highway noise wall
Roof HVAC equipment
Data center cooling device
Dust collectors, blowers and compressors
Industrial and commercial machinery and equipment
Any outdoor noise source

In most cases, the on-site staff has hearing protection, but the people around do not. Noise pollution will affect urban offices, commercial spaces under construction, and industrial facilities, especially in residential areas.
Portable Generator Noise Reduction Barrier Factory Noise Wall Highway Noise Wall
Portable noise wall for transformer sound insulation

Industrial noise walls will reduce unnecessary noise to acceptable levels and can be used to improve unpleasant views. Utilities in outdoor substations with transformers, generators or water pumps have found that outdoor rated systems perform well in terms of noise reduction and residential compatibility. Most communities have strict noise compliance codes. Portable noise walls are particularly effective in providing specifications for hearing protection and comfort. You can find portable noise wall applications used in outdoor facilities and construction sites.

Portable Noise Wall

In addition to ground noise sources, reflective or absorptive wall systems are often used to quiet roof equipment. Chillers, condensers, cooling towers, etc. are all equipment that can cause unnecessary noise levels on nearby rooftops. Proper use of portable road noise wall can make rooftop equipment less noticeable and can reduce noise to acceptable levels.

Our acoustic consultants will use their expertise in acoustics, noise and vibration to provide effective solutions to your barrier noise wall problems. Whether it is solving existing problem noise sources or ensuring a quiet and successful new design, our experts can provide advice.