Temporary Barrier Wall

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Temporary Barrier Wall

People live near the highway are often suffer from noise pollution. Now the highway noise barrier wall, or temporary barriers highway noise reducers are made to help.
The temporary barrier wall is made of PVC, polyester acoustic wool and other durable materials. They will last for years without losing their brightness, mechanical strength or acoustic properties. With tested and proven technology, our barrier walls are designed to meet the most stringent quality and technical performance standards and requirements.

The environmental protection barrier solution requires no maintenance and has a long service life. The sound insulation solution must reduce the noise in a given area. However, it is important not to amplify the noise on the other side of the barrier through acoustic reflections. For reflective concrete highway barrier walls, the noise level can sometimes increase by 3 dBA. Research shows that our solution absorbs 95% of the noise, blocking it without reflection.

Temporary Barrier Wall Specifications

Each Piece Dimensions: 2400x1200mm
Thickness: 18mm
Color: Blue, green, black, etc.
Availability: Usually ships in 3-6 weeks
Quantity: At least 10 pieces, can be customized

Temporary Barriers Highway Noise Reduction Flexible Highway Barrier Walls

How big should your temporary barrier wall be?

The height and length of the wall have an important influence on the effectiveness of your road barrier wall. The higher the wall, the more effective it will be. In addition, you must install the wall at a longer distance than the area to be protected, otherwise the sound may bypass the wall restrictions. The reflective barrier wall can reflect traffic noise upwards into the air. The higher the barrier, the greater the noise reflected upwards, and the less noise will be transmitted laterally to nearby houses.

Features of absorptive temporary barrier wall:

Fast, safe and easy to install
Short-term or long-term application
Fully transportable
Hang on the temporary construction site fence, from product and scaffolding
Fire and weatherproof
Options: Vision panel, access door and other penetrating objects


Our barrier walls are insulated with PVC and polyester wool specially designed for outdoor conditions. Their installation methods are very similar to any fencing system, so even local contractors can install them without special training.