Noise Screen 3500 x 2000 mm

Noise Screen

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Noise Screen 3500 x 2000 mm

Our flexible noise screen is mainly made of three different materials: PVC, sound absorption wool and fiberglass cloth. Other options such as velcro and reflective stripe can be added. Although each project is unique and every customer is different, our various patterns of noise screen can suit for most projects.

Noise Screens Specification

Thickness: 15mm
Size: 1200x2400mm
Structure: 3 layer
Acoustic Performance: 19dB reduction

We are a pioneer in temporary noise reduction with unparalleled noise control knowledge. We use this knowledge and experience to define innovative and scientific noise screen product design such as flexible highway noise barrier and technical support methods. We take our responsibility seriously and incorporate sustainability into our supply chain and manufacturing processes. Talk to us about our noise screen solution.

Innovative Noise Screen

We have been innovating for years and have developed in-house expertise for your industry. We provide in-depth knowledge of acoustics and practical experience with various projects. With our noise reduction screens, we provide noise reducing solutions that are right for your needs.

Noise Screen Flexible Temporary Noise Reduction Screens

Excellent performance

Our temporary noise screen products won applauses from many customers. Our durable solution is better than most competitors, so you can be rest assured on quality. We are able to reduce 19dB or 27dB as we invest in R & D to meet our customers’ needs. (Click here for 27dB version noise screens)


We are proud of our noise screens and the expertise we can offer. Our technical team really understands your industry and has a wealth of experience in noise control in numerous environments, numerous projects. We will help you define noise reduction strategies, and market leading sound screen products will exceed your expectations.