Reduce Road Noise – Installation

Reduce Road Noise

Reduce Road Noise With Barrier Tarps How To Reduce Road Noise

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Reduce Road Noise

Trees and vegetation is not an effective way to reduce road noise. The trees on the ground can sometimes increase the noise, because the sound is like light, reflecting the leaves from all directions.

If there is a berm on road, of course the higher berm, the better for blocking noise. However, adding noise barrier to increase the height of the berm is much more practical than filling it to the berm. Adding a 2m high noise barrier to a berm can produce a huge difference to reduce road noise.

If there is no berm on road, how to reduce road noise in yard? Suppose you already have iron fence or other structure for your yard.

How To Reduce Road Noise in Garden – Installation

Number of people: 2
Time required: 30 minutes

1. Put hooks on iron fence or other structure.
2. Unroll the first piece of noise barrier and hang it on hooks
3. Unroll the second piece and hang it on hooks, make sure the velcro on two pieces is perfectly matched.
4. Use plastic buckle to tie the noise barrier through side eyelets

Note: In high wind conditions, it is strongly recommended to strengthen noise barriers installation. Depending on your application, there are a variety of solutions. We recommend adding another link fence to the other side of noise barrier.

Reduce Road Noise With Barrier Tarps How To Reduce Road Noise

Features of Noise barrier for Reducing Road Noise:

Manufactured from China;
Only 18mm thick;
Resistant to ultraviolet light;
Traffic noise reduction fences can be painted;
Easy to install or remove from existing fences;
Impermeable to water;
No mold, Pest proof;
Easy to wash;
Reducing road noise in yard;
Reduce road noise effectively, STC 27 independent laboratory certification;
Can be easily washed off almost anything, including graffiti with electric washing machine;
Do not hold oil or liquids that may be dangerous or toxic;
Even can be used as a temporary roof.