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Flexible Noise Control Solutions Exterior Flexible Tarp Noise Control Solution

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Flexible Noise Control Solutions

Over the years, flexible noise wall has been made of many different materials. The noise control solution is solid obstacles established between noise sources (whether road noise or air-conditioning equipment), designed to interrupt the “line of sight” between the noise source and the receiver. Steel isolation fences are expensive, prone to corrosion and severe dents, especially if they will be thrown snow onto them by snow blowers. Concrete sound barriers are very heavy, very expensive, and need to be replaced in just 10 to 20 years.

Properly designed noise control screens are the best choice for reducing costs, providing excellent acoustic performance and appearance, and longevity, which are many times the best choice of all other noise control solutions.

Technical Data of Flexible Noise Control Solutions

Noise absorption: average 27dB (according to ISO 140-3)
Noise reduction: Class D meets ISO354 and ISO 11654 standards
Size: Available at 1m and 2m wide, length from 1m to 5.0m.
Weight: about 7.4 kg / square meter

The temporary noise control tarp is specially designed to provide a lightweight, completely waterproof, flame-retardant, high-attenuation sound barrier for surrounding field plants and other high-noise activities.
Flexible Noise Wall Temporary Noise Control Solutions Noise Control Screens
Noise control screens are easy to install. No on-site welding is required, which reduces the use of cranes. The flexible noise walls are installed very quickly and are therefore very suitable for short-term and long-term applications. Each flexible tarp can be used to create an enclosure of any size to ensure the best acoustic performance.

Their perforations are placed along the top and bottom sides so that they can be hung from site fences, scaffolding, timber hoarding and many other structures. The noise screen and flexible noise wall have only one horizontal folding line to facilitate storage and transportation.

Flexible Noise Wall Feature

27dB maximum attenuation
Made entirely of refractory materials
All-weather construction
No irritating materials
Very high noise absorption
Noise reduction factory equipment
Independently tested
BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010;
BS EN ISO 354: 2003
Velcro connection system, easy to install, forming a seamless noise barrier.