Insulated Construction Tarps

Insulated Construction Tarps Insulated Tarpaulin Covers Construction Tarps

Insulated Tarpaulin Covers Construction Tarps | Construction Site Tarps Noise Barrier Tarpaulin PVC Tarps Construction Tarp

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Insulated Construction Tarps

We are asked about the most effective way to use and install insulated construction tarps to reduce and block construction site noise. Below, we will explain the product function and best use of the insulated tarpaulin covers.

Customers can use the following terms interchangeably to describe this insulated construction tarps:

Sound seam panel
Diamond Pinyin Pad
Weighted PVC tarps
Modular construction tarp with velcro pull link seams

Insulated Construction Tarps with Velcro Seams

The weight of our insulated construction tarp is – 1.5 pounds per square foot.
The stitched construction site tarps can absorb sound-the NRC level is higher than 0.75.
The construction tarps prevent decibels (noise)-STC rating is higher than 27.
The sound insulation layer can withstand harsh environments.
The finish of insulated tarps is gray, tan, black or white.

Buttonholes (or perforations) are integrated along the top edge to hang insulated construction tarps. Sew buckle velcro along each vertical edge to achieve a sealed and easily accessible seam.

Further data can be found on our construction tarp page.
Construction Site Tarps Noise Barrier Tarpaulin PVC Tarps Construction Tarp
In order to minimize the decibel, we recommend installing a insulated construction tarp at least 3 inches above the line of sight of the sound source. For example, if your machine is 5′ high, we recommend that the insulated tarpaulin covers be at least 8′. You can use your own framework. Our hanging construction site tarp is a very effective, modular, sound-absorbing and sound-proof material, which can reduce harmful noise generated in the machine or process.

For convenience, the specifications and design of the fence tarp are provided in advance. All our solutions are designed to provide the best noise reduction effect and a long service life at the lowest cost. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective solution to install in your location to create a quiet environment, then you can check our insulating construction tarp and check our products and their specifications in detail.