Temporary Fence Noise Barrier

Temporary Fence Noise Barrier for Construction Noise Temporary Barrier Fence Tarps

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Temporary Fence Noise Barrier

Noise at the construction site is generated by equipment such as piling, chopping, drilling and excavation machines. In cities or towns, this development may make residents of nearby properties feel uncomfortable. The contractor can suggest installing temporary fence noise barrier to reduce this noise pollution. The temporary barrier fence is designed to be easy to install and move.

The temporary fencing tarp is made of PVC laminated fabric and some other acoustic materials. It is a composite fabric composed of two layers of PVC film and a layer of high tenacity polyester base fabric. The height and length of the temporary fencing tarps can be customized to suit the site conditions. Each temporary barrier fence is lightweight and can be slid into a track connected to a tubular frame (such as a scaffolding or other independent steel frame). The front with fiberglass cloth will face the construction site to absorb noise.

Temporary Fence Noise Barrier Specification

Color: grey, blue, green, etc
Material: PVC laminated cloth, acoustic wool, etc.
Width: 1.0 m
Length: 2.4 m
Thickness: 15, 18 mm
Temporary Fencing Tarps Manufacturer Temporary Barriers Attached to Metal Fences
Used in Outdoor or Indoor

Although temporary fencing tarps can be easily installed on temporary fences around construction sites, they can also be used as indoor solutions to effectively enclose particularly noisy working processes, such as in factories or production environments. During construction, temporary noise barrier is usually used to reduce noise to pedestrians and surrounding residential areas. Instead, they can be used to protect workers from high-traffic environments and noise pollution in noisy factories and equipment. When a series of temporary fence tarps are firmly secured together using sturdy Velcro, the system will form a compliant clip kit, thereby forming a temporary barrier fence.

For the MLV version, the weight of the temporary fencing noise barrier ranges from 1.5 to 7.5 kg per square meter. According to your requirements, the temporary noise barrier fencing can provide a variety of options to adapt to different levels of sound attenuation.

The temporary barrier fence can also be provided with a sound barrier with MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl). These provide the highest level of attenuation and can absorb 80% of the sound at 27dB of noise.